Vector Set Vol. 1
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A new book to help graphic designers to create original vector graphics, or to update and embellish works already done.Everybody in the design world is familiar with the versatility of vector design, especially those who need to print with exceptional quality.This book contains over 1000 vector elements to reuse, and offers a new creative approach, greatly expanding the possibilities of designing graphics and logos quickly and easily.


A volume that holds an entire set of designs ranging from decorative elements to silhouettes.An instrument expressly developed and extremely useful for graphic designers as well as designers in the fashion sector. Creating logos, all-over prints, etc. will be easier from now on.

  • 99 pages

  • more than 1000 designs in vector graphics, editable in color and size

  • cd enclosed with the files in Adobe Illustrator 10 and Corel Draw 10

  • examples of assembly of vector elements

  • Item #: VS1

Vector Set Vol. 1

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