Ultra Pop Graphics
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Creative Research in Pop Culture '80 This book provides a strong and varied mix of stunning motifs from the eighties, developed for advertising, packaging and T-shirt motifs: Graphic artwork that has signposted the periods during the last 30 years until today, with significant styles like the postmodern look, minimalism, Hi-Tech imagery and optical art , including new ways of floral and geometric optics, puzzles and motif combinations as well as typography and calligraphy in bright colours and expressive graphic contrasts
. 125 pages plus 19 pages appendix, 250 graphics ready and free to use, hardcover, texts in English, inclusive DVD containing all graphics in the file formats Adobe Illustrator 8 and CS2, EPS (Illustrator 8), PDF (800 dpi), JPG (150 dpi)
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Ultra Pop Graphics

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