Shooter One
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SHOOTER ONE provides on 130 pages full of snappy graphics and model sketches an excessive amount of cool ideas and inspiration for the sportswear categories BEACH, ACTIVE, URBAN and OUTDOOR.

A book like Red Bull ... 100% concentrated energy in the form of top-class actual graphic design for sports and active wear as well as any kind of street and trend sports equipment.

Large-sized, lavishly filled with sparkling ideas for street, leisure, sports and active wear graphics and styles as well as shoes, labels, logos, typography, single motifs and all-over patterns, for prints, embroidery and applications, screen print, transfer pictures, poster ... plus many attractive color ranges.


  • DVD-ROM for Mac and PC with fully vectorized files (.ai/Adobe Illustrator) of all motifs
  • Models and illustrations as shown in the book as well as black/white technical drawings
  • 28,5 x 22,5 cm (panorama pages 56 x 22 cm)
  • 130 pages, hardcover, text in English
  • Item #: SHOOT1

Shooter One

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