Black & Byte Floral
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More than 180 copyright-free pattern ideas for designers, artists and stylists are provided in this book and as editable vector files on the accompanying DVD for individual variations.
Although black and white or grey-scaled patterns are very popular within the next seasons, the digital files allow to create your own colour variations as well as the modification of pattern elements with software like
Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw very quickly and easy.
The patterns were especially developed for using them in digital printing but are suitable for other printing techniques as well.
- Ideal starting point for the creation of your own graphic and print motifs
- Wide range of generous styles and graphic motifs
- 100% vectorized motifs for direct processing on Mac and PC
- Indispensable tool for the effective and time-saving development of fashionable and target group specific motifs
24,5 x 24,5 cm, 128 pages, hardcover, text in English
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Black & Byte Floral

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