A guide to Fashion Sewing 5th Edition
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This 400-page book includes anything and everything within a fashion garment. It progresses from basic theory to simple sewing techniques, concluding with more complex techniques and applications such as plackets, linings, bustiers and tailoring. Readers will learn how to assemble and construct designs of various styles using proven fashion industry techniques for more than 100 step-by-step sewing applications. To help guide the new designer, a new section in this book lists suggested learning projects.

This book is an indispensible resource for creating fashionable and professional-looking garments. It provides a comprehensive fashion sewing education for beginning and experienced sewers alike.



• Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by large, clear illustrations

• Tables provide one-stop information for selecting fabrics by garment category with tips on care, pressing, and sewing

• Guidelines explain how to select linings and interfacings for typical fabrics with performance qualities and tips on caring

• "Method to this Madness" chapter outlines the entire garment assembly process as a logical sequence so students will understand the step-by-step method of sewing dresses, blouses, skirts, or pants

• "Tricks of the Trade" supply helpful hints that are usually only learned through experience

• Appendices include: Metric Conversion Tables and Fashion Sewing Resources


©2011, 400 pp., softcover


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A guide to Fashion Sewing 5th Edition

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